edSpring is the only MTSS program evaluation and implementation tool that provides district level insight and teacher level control.


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What we’ve done…

There are plenty of tools out there that provide assessments, as well as a software platform for using those (and only those) assessments to inform decision-making. But does any school really use only one kind of assessment to inform decision making? No. Schools are awash with assessment data from a variety of sources, in addition to rich, instructionally relevant data on attendance, behavior, demographics, and perceptions. What edSpring offers is a full set of well-established assessment tools, including curriculum-based measurement in reading, that have met the rigorous standards of NCRTI and NCII (look for "edCheckup").

What’s different? With edSpring, these tools are integrated into a flexible platform, providing teachers with a single-stop tool for viewing and making decisions based on ALL the data on their students: assessments, attendance, behavior, grades, and more.

ALL your data. One place. Real time.


It all started…


These tools were first developed in 2003, through a collaborative grant with the St. Croix River Education District, to provide a single point of access for key data to support Response to Intervention. edSpring is the modern grandchild of these early efforts. We take a Response to Intervention / Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) approach to understanding and responding to data.

Our focus is on helping educators use data to make decisions.