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Kerry Bollman Ed. S - has led pioneering implementations of nationally recognized multi-tiered service delivery models at both St. Croix River Education District in Minnesota and North Suburban Special Education District in Illinois. Kerry consults with general and special education staff to promote research-based and data-driven academic skills assessment and instruction, and to develop school-wide organizational frameworks around Problem Solving Teams to address the needs of all students. Her areas of expertise include curriculum-based assessment and evaluation, early literacy, designing and evaluating academic interventions, and data-based decision-making within a Response to Intervention framework. Kerry is passionate about using technology to enhance effectiveness in schools.


Dr. Paul Muyskens, PhD has extensive experience in data-based decision making within an RtI framework, as well as in leading software implementations to support these efforts. Paul has published chapters and peer-reviewed journal articles on topics including: assessment, curriculum-based measurement, and systems-level frameworks for effective data-based instructional decision-making. Paul has over 20 years of experience supporting school district efforts in Response to Intervention, as well as software development and implementation, having led Response to Intervention initiatives in the Minneapolis Public Schools prior to coming to TIES in 2012.


Dr. Doug Marston co-developed the Oral Reading Fluency assessments delivered via the edSpring assessment engine. Doug was responsible for pioneering the implementation of a General Outcome Measurement-based assessment framework in a large-scale K-12 educational setting, through his work in the Minneapolis Public Schools. Doug has served as a National Advisory Board Member with the National Center on Response to Intervention and the National Research Center on Learning Disabilities. Doug also has published numerous chapters and peer-reviewed journal articles on the development and implementation of Curriculum-Based Measurement in Reading, as well as implementation of a Response to Intervention decision-making framework in schools.

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