“Edspring is the only MTSS program evaluation and implementation tool that provides district-level insight and teacher level control.”


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When teachers log in to a software system, they want to see up-to-date information on all of the students in their classes. If information is missing or late, the entire system becomes irrelevant. edSpring provides real-time integration with your Student Information System. It doesn’t get much faster than real-time. This includes student information, as well as staff and role information, so security and access rights are managed automatically. No more transferring files, no more updating security and roles in two separate software systems, no more barriers to easy implementation!

edSpring also offers the ability to automate data extraction from any third party assessment vendor. Using MAP? Using STAR? Have state-mandated assessments?

Want to see these data all in one place? We’ve got your problem solved.


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edSpring leverages a unique software platform that enables real time collaboration across your organization. As one user updates information, everyone else sees those changes instantly, without needing to refresh the application.

edSpring also provides an integrated toolset for support and resource distribution that enables you to scale your initiative with fidelity. It’s a complete, searchable knowledge base that is entirely under your control. You can include our information about how to use the software, but you can also include your own information about what practices you want to bring to scale in your organization. Decision rules about interventions, documentation of key practices, forums for group discussion, all to help support the initiative that you want to see implemented, across your organization, with fidelity.